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Jim and Neal Watson have more than 50 years of combined experience helping their clients manage their money. Along with their technical skills as financial advisors, their experiences through both good times and bad provide a solid foundation to you with your financial situation.

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Primarily we work with retirees and people who are planning to retire within the next ten years. We also help small business owners create effective retirement plan solutions for their companies which help the key people meet their longer term goals. We also have significant experience working with younger people who are aggressively accumulating assets for their future.

Most importantly, we have structured our business as financial advisors to be flexible, affordable, and client friendly. Please click here to learn more.



After decades in the work force, it is time for many clients to begin the next chapter of their lives.Read More

Thinking About Retiring

Thinking About Retiring

For many, we help them take a look at what is possible, and make suggestions to hopefully improve their situation in the future.Read More

Saving for Children

Saving for Children

Saving for kids involves a small amount of complexity, and making your savings methods align with your wishes is important.Read More

Small Business Owners

Small Business Owners

Being a small business owner also creates unique opportunities to accumulate assets for retirement and diversify your assets.Read More

Predictions: A Fool’s Errand

People always ask what we think the stock market will do in the upcoming year. The true answer—”We have no idea”—is not exciting. But making accurate predictions about something so complex isn’t easy.  Here is an article written by CNBC on January 3rd read...

Order and Direction

Unpleasant surprises make people uncomfortable. We look for reasons why those events happened so we can believe there is order and direction to our lives. Today, investors worry about the next big decline. These events seldom provide advance notice of their arrival. It read...

Waiting for the Bear

Significant decreases in stock prices are never a matter of “if” they will happen. They are always a matter of “when.” Bear markets, defined as a 20% decrease in price, occur on a regular basis. On average, they happen once every five years. More read...

June 2017 Client Letter – Avoiding Financial Scams

Financial scams can be a threat to your financial security and well being.  Some will pose as the IRS, others will prey on your emotional ties to your loved one.  In most cases, the scammers are trying to catch you off guard. In our June 30 client letter we address some read...

Important Things

Taking Time To Enjoy The Important Things In Life It is important to stop and enjoy the important things in life.  Every year, my wife and I host a picnic for the people who mean the most to us. Some we don’t get to see as often as we would like. A lot of time and read...