Taking Time To Enjoy The Important Things In Life

It is important to stop and enjoy the important things in life.  Every year, my wife and I host a picnic for the people who mean the most to us. Some we don’t get to see as often as we would like. A lot of time and effort goes into this. My wife works hard to make sure we have the necessary supplies, beverages, and a side dish or two.

My job is less complicated. I cook the meat.

Important things
Important Things
Twenty one racks of baby back ribs peeled, trimmed, rubbed and wrapped.  Along with the ribs, we also cooked 55 drumsticks. They went on my little Smoke Hollow cooker starting at 6:00AM Saturday morning to do their thing.
Important Things
Important Things
My brother-in-law asks me almost every year, “Why not just do burgers and brats? Why do all of this work?

The first part of the answer is simple. I love ribs. This gives me an excuse reason to make them the “right way.”  In fact I’ve become somewhat of a rib “snob.” I will hardly order ribs a restaurant.  I’m usually disappointed with what I get. (Eli’s Barbecue in Cincinnati has been one of the few exceptions to my experiences).

But, there is a deeper answer. We do it for the people who matter the most in our lives. It is a subtle way we can show them how important they are to us. Most of the guests don’t know what happens behind the scenes.  It doesn’t matter anyhow. Seeing our guests smiling, having a good time, and enjoying good food,  makes us happy.

Besides, they all like ribs too.
PS-If you are looking for a great sauce to finish chicken or ribs on your grill, try this recipe from Danny Gaulden. You won’t be disappointed!