Our Typical Clients

People Who Are Retired
(Or are going to very soon)

After decades in the work force, it is time for many clients to begin the next chapter of their lives. They need a plan for income and growth of income over time. At the same time, they need a plan which addresses the possible emotional distress created by volatile investment markets.

For many, a successful outcome can be defined in simple binary terms. Do you outlive your money or does your money outlive you? For others, there is a desire to leave a meaningful legacy to those they love or to a charitable organization.

Common elements to a retirement income plan include:

  • Determining and coordinating income streams, to coincide with pensions and Social Security
  • Determining an appropriate asset allocation to provide income and growth of income over time
  • Determining and planning Required Minimum Distributions at age 70
  • Basic estate planning

People who Want to Retire in the Future

This can encompass a wide variety of people ranging in age from their early twenties into their late fifties or early sixties. Most often, these clients are over forty, and are seriously thinking about their retirement. Viewpoints and planning approaches differ based on the length of time they have between now and when they would like to begin the next chapter of their lives.

For many, we help them take a look at what is possible, and make suggestions to hopefully improve their situation in the future.

Common elements to retirement planning include:

  • Accumulation and investment income projections based on current assets and savings efforts.
  • A plan to work within your available resources to develop strategies with the intent of improving your situation over the long term.
  • Reviewing and recommending appropriate asset allocations to make sure your efforts align with the time frames and retirement goals you have.

Saving for Our Children

Younger parents are often concerned about the ever increasing costs of college tuition or other future needs like helping their kids purchase their first home. Saving for kids involves a small amount of complexity, and making your savings methods align with your wishes is important.

We work with younger parents to determine a way to help them work towards those outcomes and build a strong foundation for their kids.

Small Business Owners

Small business owners are normally focused on the success of their company. They devote most of their energy and effort to building and maintaining what is hopefully a successful business. Being a small business owner also creates unique opportunities to accumulate assets for retirement and diversify assets.

With the assistance of our retirement plan administrator, we have been able to help many small business owners design and implement retirement plans which allow them to benefit from current tax deductions and longer term tax deferred growth.