Checking Our Crystal Ball

It is the time of year when we financial advisors look into our crystal ball and try to see what is going to happen next year.  If the big Investment Banks and brokerage firms can do it, why can’t we?

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As luck would have it, predicting the future is really hard.  Huge firms with smart people and tremendous resources don’t fair much better than consulting a horoscope or the farmers almanac.

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So many things happen during the year which cannot be seen, even if you were able to use a crystal ball.  Nobody knew—in advance—2017 would be as calm and as good as it was.  Likewise, nobody foresaw the extreme down-up-down craziness experienced this year.

But it hasn’t stopped any of these large firms from taking a guess at what might happen in 2019 either.


Would You Like Your Own Crystal Ball?

Here is the link to the one we purchased.  Fair warning, it shows finger prints really badly.  And if you are hoping you will be able to see the future?  Well I hope it works better for you than it did for us.

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Scoreboard Watching: December 2018


The Dow Jones Industrial Average acts as a scoreboard for investors.  It provides an easy way for investors to tell whether the market has had a good or bad day.  But from time to time, investors need to recalibrate what those big moves mean.  After all, a 100 point move today doesn’t mean what it used to.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is an unmanaged index.  An investment cannot be made directly an index.  Returns are not guaranteed. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Recalibrating the 25  Worst Days For the Dow

If we were to state the 25 worst days for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, this is how they would look.  The 25th worst day, would equate to a drop of about 1,700 points.  The worst day ever, would be a drop of over 5,600 points.


Yes you saw what you thought you saw….

There is a picture in the video of the scoreboard from the end of the Ohio State victory over their rival on November 24.  We were there to witness such a momentous occasion.  But just in case, here is the photo again.


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