What do you get the young adult child who already has everything?  How many gift cards do you really want to buy? Socks?  Really?  Fear not! We have created the Financial Planner’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide.  And it is sure to be a big hit.   

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Listen Now: 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

You can also watch this on our YouTube Channel.

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Free Download: The Financial Planner's 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

For that last minute shopper, here is our Financial Planner’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide.  We cover the basics of Roth IRA’s and 529 Plans.  We’ll also show you—and the lucky recipient—what kind of impact your gift can make on their life.  Click on the button to download your free copy.

The Struggle is Real!

As December rolls around each year, it is always a struggle to come up with gift ideas. And I thought maybe you were having similar problems. So I decided to come up with the financial planners holiday gift guide.

Do you have younger adult children or grandchildren? Tired of buying gift cards to restaurants they hate or ugly socks?

The Perfect Solution: A Roth IRA

What could be a better gift than years of tax free compounded growth? That’s right folks, a Roth IRA makes a perfect gift for that young adult in your life.

Just imagine the riveting conversation you’ll have sitting around the tree. You can talk about compound interest and how “You may not appreciate this now, but one day you’ll be glad you have it. Shoot I wish my parents had started a Roth IRA for me for Christmas. Instead, I got a garage door opener.”   

True Story…

One year, as a twenty-something, my parents bought me a garage door opener.  Not only was it a surprise, it was one of the best gifts I’ve ever received.  You don’t appreciate it until you have to get out of your car in a driving rain storm to open the garage door!

Cam Hardiman

This is Jim’s great grandson (and Neal and Susan’s grandson).  Cam Hardiman was born on November 3rd, 2019.

For the Young Child: Tax Free Growth, for College

We’ve all watched these kids tear into boxes like a tornado. Only to see them spend more time playing with the boxes.

Not this year.  No boxes.  No hermetically sealed plastic packaging you can only open with a blow torch. 

What could be better? You guessed it, a 529 Plan.  This means tax free growth—FOR COLLEGE! 


Seriously Good Gifts

Roth IRA’s and 529 plans make terrific Christmas gifts. They aren’t exciting, and you may actually be able to hear  eyes roll.

But, at some point, they will be far more useful than that pair of socks, the remote control car or even a garage door opener.

A Roth IRA offers your kids or grandkids tax free compounding for their retirement. It may not be much today. In thirty or forty years they’ll look back and say, “Wow! Mom and Dad (or grandma and grandpa) did this for me. And look at it now.”

Same thing with 529 plans. The costs of college won’t be coming down anytime soon. At some point. someone will appreciate it more than you may ever know.

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2019 Holiday Gift Guide
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