Data Update, August 14, 2020

Coronavirus Data and the Bear Market

Today is our data update for August 14, 2020.  We share some data about the Coronavirus provided by First Trust Portfolios.  And we also provide an update on the Bear Market.

Covid-19 data update

This data sheet is provided by our friends at First Trust Portfolios.  It shows a variety of key data points about the pandemic in our country.  If you would like to download a pdf file of this, please click on the button.

Here are our key takeaways from this week’s virus data.

  • The trend of new cases flattened in the last week and began to show a slight uptick.
  • Two more vaccines entered phase 3 trials (up from 6 last week), and one more vaccine was granted approval for limited use. 
  • The “deaths per 1 million people” data is new this week.  

An article this week discussed the decreasing number of tests being conducted which will have some impact on the numbers. 

The 2020 bear market update: almost over...

Data Update august 14 2020
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So close.

For a brief moment, the S&P 500 Index flirted with a new all-time high.  Here are the relevant points in this Bear Market.

  • From February 19 to March 23, the index fell 33.9%. (It was the fastest drop of that magnitude, ever!)
  • Since then, the index has recovered more than 50% of the loss.  
  • At the market’s close on August 13, the market was less than 0.5% away from setting a new high.

We will have more thoughts on this in the coming weeks. 

Have a great weekend!

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