Death Of The Stretch IRA

The SECURE Act changed many elements of IRA’s and retirement plans.  One of the biggest changes deals with IRA’s inherited by non-spouse beneficiaries.  These were often referred to as “Stretch IRA’s.”  Unfortunately, this new law brings about the death of the Stretch IRA.

In the video below, we look at:

  • How it used to work
  • The way it will work starting in 2020
  • How it will impact these types of accounts over time
  • The short-sighted tax grab
  • New planning opportunities

Webinar: Death of the Stretch IRA (7 minutes, 23 seconds)

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The Charts In The Show

Below are the charts we used in the presentation.  To enlarge, click on the image below.  

A Critical Reminder

If you have a Beneficiary Designated IRA, and the original account owner died prior to the end of 2019, you can continue using the old rules. The new rules only apply if the original IRA owner died in 2020 or after.  

You will not be required to accelerate the distribution of your account.

Is It Time To Review Your Plans?

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Death of the Stretch IRA.  


The Stretch IRA

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