Why is it important to have an emergency fund?

In our last video, we discussed how you can start or improve your savings habits to build an emergency fund.  Today we will talk about why it’s important.  An Emergency fund can protect  your most important assets, like your home or your car.  It can help reduce stress when you are facing difficult times.  Having a few months of expenses saved also protects your future.  And, an emergency fund will save you money.

Did You Miss Part 1?

In Part 1 we offered tips to help you start or improve your savings habits.  Click the button below to watch.


Improve the Return on Your Emergency Fund

Would you like to improve the return on your cash type savings accounts.  These three online banks offer an easy link to your local bank account and can improve the interest you receive on those funds.   All of them are FDIC insured.

Synchrony Bank

Ally Bank

Capital One

Note:  We have expereince with both CapitalOne and Synchrony bank.  We do not receive any compensation for providing links.

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