A Higher Standard of Care

A Fiduciary is a person who has the power and obligation to act for another under circumstances which require total trust, good faith and honesty. A fiduciary is held to a standard of conduct and trust above that of a stranger or of a casual business person.

He or she must avoid “self dealing” or “conflicts of interest” in which the potential benefit to the fiduciary is in conflict with what is best for the person who trusts him or her.

– Legal Dictionary at law.com


We strive to put our clients and their future first. The way we conduct business is clear and transparent. We are paid directly by our clients. This promotes objectivity, and aligns our incentives with our clients’ goals and priorities.

There are no investment related commissions to potentially cloud our judgment. We receive no financial incentives to recommend or use any specific investment products.

We believe it is the difference between being a sales person and an objective financial advisor. It is the difference between an objective and unbiased look and the possibility of a veiled sales pitch.

Here is how we serve our clients.

Hourly based planning services

What it costs: $75 per hour.

You will be provided an estimate of the time it will take to analyze your situation and formulate a plan for your situation. A fixed fee will often be quoted based on an estimate of the time which will be spent and the hourly rate stated above. Ongoing advice can also be done in this matter as well.

Click here to view our Financial Planning page where you can learn more

Fee based investment advice and management

What it costs: Our fee schedule is a tiered rate. Fees are based on the average daily balance, billed monthly in arrears…

The value of all accounts within a household are combined to reach the applicable tiers.

Click here to learn more about our goal focused investment advisory services.

About insurance products…

We do maintain our insurance licenses, and are able to help our clients acquire coverage at their request. Keep in mind, insurance products are sold by agents and those agents are predominantly paid a commission.

At the request of our clients, we have assisted, and are able to assist, in the acquisition of certain insurance products. In these instances we do receive a commission. However, insurance sales are generally less than 1% of our total revenues. In the event you employ us to help with acquiring coverage, we will disclose to you any compensation paid to us by the insurance company.

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