Understanding Social Security

As of March 2018, over 45 million retirees were receiving Social Security Benefits.  The total monthly benefits received exceeds $65 million.  The average monthly payment is roughly $1,410.  For many of us Social Security creates the foundation of our retirement income plans.

Watch Our Educational Videos

We have created a number of videos to help you better understand how Social Security impacts your retirement.  We designed each one to give you a more thorough explanation of the various topics.  Each one lasts less than 5 minutes so you can learn as much as you want when you want.

Download Our Social Security Guide

Social Security is an essential part of most people’s retirement prepartion.  Our online Guide to Social Security will help you better understand how the system works and how it impacts your retirement.  You can read it online or download it and read it later at your convenience.

Talk to An Advisor About Your Situation


Understanding Your Social Security Benefits

Sometimes the best way to understand how Social Security will impact your retirement is to look at your unique situation.  Our experienced advisors can help you make a good decision for your and your family. 

  • Look at benefits for you and your spouse (if married)
  • Help you evaluate different options by claiming your benefits at different ages.
  • Show you how your decision can impact your other retirement savings.