Social Security: The Basics

We dig into the basic concepts of your Social Security Retirement Benefits.  Here you will learn:

  • The basic elements of  how your benefit is computed
  • How Spousal Benefits are computed, and
  • Survivor Benefits.

Social Security: Special Situations

This series of videos deals with….

  • Working while Receiving Social Security
  • Taxation of Social Security Benefits
  • Special Situations: Benefits for Divorced Spouses

How Do You Evaluate Your Decision

Knowing when to start your benefits can be a complex decision.  You get one chance to make a good decision.  In this video we cover the basics of how to evaluate your decision.

Understanding Your Social Security Benefits

Sometimes the best way to understand how Social Security will impact your retirement is to look at your unique situation.  Our experienced advisors can help you make a good decision for your and your family.

  • Look at benefits for you and your spouse (if married)
  • Help you evaluate different options by claiming your benefits at different ages.
  • Show you how your decision can impact your other retirement savings.

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