The Watsons
Jim, Susan, and Neal

In our profession, experience is a valuable asset. Our team has helped clients navigate through extreme financial events on both ends of the spectrum. The lessons we learned during these times are extremely valuable and help to shape the advice and guidance we give.

Jim Watson

Jim Watson was born and raised in Noble County. He graduated from Caldwell High School and later attended Bliss Business College where he earned his degree in Accounting. Following graduation, he worked in the public accounting field and earned his Certified Public Accountant certification. He later went to work for a privately held business where he eventually was promoted to Chief Financial Officer. Today he is one of the owners of Fleming Watson Financial Advisors.

Jim began his career in the financial advisory profession in 1986 when he joined Don Fleming.

He married his high school sweetheart, Jane, and they have two children, two grandchildren and two step grandchildren. Jim is an avid Ohio State fan, and is frequently seen in the bleachers during Marietta College baseball games. He and Jane like to travel.

Neal WatsonNeal Watson

Neal Watson was born in Marietta. He lived in Athens for most of his childhood before returning to Marietta as a teenager. He graduated from Marietta High School and then attended The Ohio State University. He graduated from Ohio State with a degree in business. He worked for a Columbus manufacturer after graduation. Today he is one of the owners of Fleming Watson Financial Advisors.

Neal joined his father in 1996. He earned his Certified Financial Planner™ designation in 1999. 

Neal is married to Susan. He has two children and two step children. Likewise, he is also an Ohio State fan and follows the Marietta College baseball program very closely. He also enjoys woodworking and gardening. Neal is also an active member in the Williamstown Lions Club and has held numerous leadership roles in that organization and currently serves as the clubs treasurer.

Susan WatsonSusan Watson

Susan Watson is our operations manager. She was raised in Williamstown and graduated from Williamstown High School. Susan has extensive experience in the financial services industry and has been with our firm for over 20 years.

Susan is married to Neal, and has two children and two step children. She likes to garden and travel in her spare time.