Start With The Retirement Snapshot

We reach a point in our lives when the idea of retirement becomes a much bigger concern.  How do you know if you’ll be ready?  What if there is something you can do to make it better?  Start here to find out.

Your Retirement Snapshot

WHY DO WE DO THIS? – Do you want to know what your retirement income could look like? If you could do something to make it better, would you?   We want you prepared for what’s coming.

WHAT IS IT? – This is a snapshot of what your income could look like based on what you are already doing.  We’ll also offer practical suggestions to make it better.

WHO IS THIS FOR?  – This is designed for people 50 or older who place a high priority on making their retirement better.

HOW DOES IT WORK? – It starts with a brief 15 minute phone call to see if we are a good fit for you.  If so, we move forward with a more detailed discussion.  Keep reading to find out more.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? – There is no cost, and no obligation.  

No Cost or Obligation

You will know exactly how we can help you before you pay us anything.

A Path to a Better Retirement

We'll show you what your retirement can look like and how you can make it better.

Starts With a 15 Minute Phone Call

The first step is a 15 minute call with a CFP® Pro!

The Retirement Snapshot Process

Schedule a 15 minute Phone Call

You need to get to know us. We also want to get to know you. Let's spend a few minutes talking about your situation to see if you want to take the next step.

Meet and Discuss Your Situation

This is where we discuss the specifics. We'll ask you about your plans and ideas for retirement. We'll talk about the numbers, and we'll gather all of the information we need to analyze your situation. (We can meet in person, or via web meeting, whatever is more convenient for you).

Analyze Your Situation

We'll use our 50+ combined years of experience to analyze your situation and answer the big questions.
• Are you on track to retire?
• How much income can you expect?
• How can you improve your situation?

Review The Results

At a follow up meeting, we discuss the results with you. We'll answer the big questions and provide practical recommendations to help you create a better retirement.

Think About The Next Step

We want to create a long-term relationship with you. Take as much time as you need to decide if you feel comfortable with us and the plans we've suggested. When you're ready, we can discuss the next steps.

Get Started: Schedule a 15 Minute Call

You get answers to three key questions...

Start-Here Retirement Snapshot

How does Social Security impact your retirement?

We review your options for your Social Security benefits and help you make the best choice for you and your family.

Start Here - Retirement Snapshot

How do you use your retirement savings to create income?

We project what you might accumulate at retirement, and estimate the income it can create.

Start-Here-Retirement Snapshot

How can you improve your retirement?

Can you save more? Will changing your investment mix help? When should you retire? We try to find ways to help you create a better retirement.

Is This Right For You?

Are we the right fit for you?  It’s a good question.  Our typical clients are:

Hard working people over 50 who are concerned about their retirement.

People who have saved and accumulated at least $200,000 in investments and retirement accounts. (Excluding the value of your home).

People who want to delegate retirement planning and investment management to experienced professionals.

Download This Free Guide: 5 Questions To Help You Plan For A Better Retirement

Financial Advisor

The 5 Big Questions

You need to answer to help you plan for a better retirement.

Important THings To know

To help you make good decisions.

Additional Reources

To help you learn more about What Lies Ahead.

Start Here: Schedule a 15 Minute Call

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