There is a new Social Security scam.  You get a call and are told your Social Security number is linked to fraudlent activity.  We have an actual voicemail and a few tips to help you protect yourself.

Listen Now: The New Social Security Scam (4:20)

What To Do If You Are Worried...

You can contact the office of the insepctor general to report fraud.  You can call the local Social Security Office in Marietta at (855) 433-5872.  The number for Parkersbug is (800) 773-1213.

It is better to contact the Social Security Adminstration directly than to deal with a phone call.

More information about Scams and Elder Abuse...

We spent some time with two local attorneys who deal with elder abuse.  You can listen to those two podcasts here:  Part 1 and Part 2

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