Things continue to improve

The pandemic shut down our economy earlier this year. Now America is slowly reopening. Here are some charts and data showing that things continue to improve.

From Liz Ann Sonders of Charles Scwaab…

From economist, Scott Grannis….

Airline passengers

things are continuing to imrpove

Gasoline Sales

things are cointuing to improve &nbsp

Service Sector Activity

things continue to improve Scott Grannis writes an outstanding blog, he uses a very data driven approach.  Check it out here.

From Economist Brian Wesbury of First Trust Portfolios…


Retail sales and food services

things are starting to improve



Industrial Production and Manufacturing Output

things are starting to improve

Mr. Wesbury also believes the recession is over. Read more here.

From Thomas Lee of

And although this tweet is a little older, I still thought this was very interesting.      

There are still risks...

There are still risks ahead.  The pandemic isn’t over, and the risk of a second wave of infections remains a threat.  But every now and then, it is important to look past the bad news that dominates the media.  While we aren’t back to normal, things continue to improve.

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