What's Your Risk Number?

Investing involves a trade-off. To pursue the growth we need, we must be willing to accept some short-term risk. Your Risk Number helps to specifically identify how much risk you are willing to take.

Nobody likes to see their account values go down. But, we know from experience some assets, like stocks, experience temporary setbacks. And sometimes, those setbacks can be extreme. Your Risk Number identifies a specific point where the decrease becomes too uncomfortable.
A company called Riskalyze calculates your Risk Number based on a short questionnaire. It takes five minutes or less to complete. Their process uses a Nobel Prize winning academic framework.
Risk Number
Risk Number

How do we use your Risk Number?

Riskalyze pinpoints your Risk Number. It can also tell us what the Risk Number is for your entire portfolio. Let’s say for example, your Risk Number is 58, but your portfolio scores 72. We can suggest adjustments to your asset allocation.

What else can it do?

Riskalyze allows us to stress test your portfolio. We can show you a likely range of outcomes if certain things occur. For example, what could happen to your portfolio if the stock market drops 10%? What could happen if we experience another bear market event?
This can help you set your expectations. And it can help us fine tune your asset allocation.

Here's How To Find Your Risk Number

1. Complete the Questionnaire.

It takes less than five minutes.  It will ask you some specific questions, and at the end it will pinpoint your Risk Number.  Just click on the button.

2.  Discuss The Results

After you complete the questionnaire, we can get together and discuss the results.  Be sure to bring copies of your statements, as we can input the information into the system to measure the Risk Number of your accounts.

3. Make Changes

The last step is to make changes to your accounts to reflect the amount of risk you’re comfortable taking.  

Let's Get Started, Find Your Risk Number

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Risk Number